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Love is a wish that hides in the heart, and nobody knows it but you. Love is blinding. An eternity of a single moment. A religion worth dying for. But it's also time comsuming, and a pain in the ass, a hole in the heart. Not necessarily in that order.
- Terry, Bandits
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‘x’ is pronounced like English ‘sh’: see ‘Tlaxcala’, ‘Malinalxochitl’

‘tl’ at the beginning of Nahuatl words is pronounced like ‘tl’ in ‘atlas’. But in everyday speech at the end of words like Popocatepetl’ and ‘Nahuatl’, the ‘l’ tends to disappear.

‘z’ is pronounced ‘’s’ as in ‘so’; see ‘Moctesuma’, ‘Istaccihuatl’

‘hua’ is pronounced ‘wah’; as in ‘Cihuacoatl’ (See-hua-co-what).

‘ch’ in words like Tenochtitlan and Malinche is pronounced as in English ‘church’


Nahuatl: Aztec language - contains dictionary.

Nahuatl Culture

How to Speak...
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Ask me five questions! Any five questions and I'll do my best to answer them. Be as crazy as you want
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Dirty Cash: Organized Crime in the 21st Century – Mexican Organized Crime )

Southwell David, Dirty Cash: Organized Crime in the 21st Century, Virgin Books Ltd, 2002, pp. 91-94
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according to the LonelyPlanet:Mexico )

Own Notes and Musings:

Culiacán is the capital of Sinaloa, so the Barillo cartel is centred in that state. Once Upon A Time In Mexico is set in late 2003, with a new president, so there is no Vincente Fox (as such).

To be named on nationally television, Barillo must be successful and infamous, if unable to be actually linked to anything – just whispers loud enough to be treated as fact.

Enrique Torres controls the Tijuana mob, while it was the Juárez mob who kidnapped the eight-year-old Beatriz Barillo in 1985 during a turf-war as Barillo was muscling in. Before US crackdown, during? Maybe turf war a reoccurring event, the subject of the Barillo massacre Bellini mentions? Massacre occurs 1998, or around about then, just before Sands is in Mexico. Barillo re-establishing self after San Antonio?

has map of cartels
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There is a love that begins in the head and goes down to the heart, and grows slowly; but it lasts ‘till death, and asks less than it gives. There is another love, that blots out wisdom, that is sweet with the sweetness of life and bitter with the bitterness of death, lasting for an hour, but it is worth having lived a whole life for that hour.

- Ralph Iron (1855-1920), South African writer
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Little Bugs

Still Standing (Sands as he shots AJ)

My Kind Of Woman (Sands/AJ)

Lovers and Dust (Sands/El, but with AJ sorta there)



Pavlov's Dog

Five Times Sands Thought That AJ Was A Bad Idea

Queen Takes Pawn


Drabble by [livejournal.com profile] laiqualaurelote

He knows he’s in love the moment she shoots the tile out from under his foot. “Got the money, pendejo?”

Sands brushes the debris off his boot fastidiously. “Got the information, puta?”

This time, she aims for his left ear. Sands blocks the bullet with the lunchbox. “Don’t blow your fifty thousand, baby.” He slides it to Ajedrez; she tosses him the folder. He skims the documents; she counts the money.

“All in,” Ajedrez says, satisfied. “Later, pretty-boy.” She leaves, blowing him a kiss with her gun hand.

Another borderline psycho, thinks Sands. At last, someone after his own mind.


Misc: By Circe

The Strange Face of Love and A Study in Ajedrez



Me and the Devil

Venegence (not read yet)

How to get a transfer to Mexico...

Three Kinds of Kindness


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