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It's been a while since Ajedrez has been a date. Six months or so, and even then on the last time she got stood up anyway, so maybe it's closer to seven or eight.

It's been much, much longer since she's been out on a date with someone she hardly knows. Years, but thinking about it like that makes her feel...


Old, in a way that only the young can feel and she knows this and she really should stop thinking and just find that pair of earrings. Ah-huh, there are they are, and Ajedrez looks at herself in the mirror. High-heeled boots, a long black (mostly black, there are horizantal strips with panels of blue, green, yellow and red, a swirl of colour against the plain black) skirt that falls to her ankles, a simple black top, sleeveless with a high neck, and the red leather jacket that Edna Mode had given her.

Plus the dratted earrings, big and bronze because Ajedrez is of the opinion that it's no use having pierced ears if you don't play with it. Off-duty anyway.

And, for once, no guns. It feels a little odd, and she couldn't leave without the knife hidden in her boot, but sometimes an effort should be made. Even if she isn't entirely sure why.

Still, she's moderately pleased with her appearance, so she takes a deep breath and walks out her room door to try and find Nick downstairs.
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Ajedrez's room is, when all is said and done, nothing special. A double bed in one corner, a bedside table with a lamp, a table, a door leading to the bathroom. The colours are warm, though. Blues and oranges, which sounds like it shouldn't look nice but it does. There are also books, stacked against the table with a couple on the bedside table. Complete with bookmarks.

There is also a cello in one corner, albeit one tucked away safely in its case. Ajedrez hasn't been here more then a few months, six at the outside, but she's never been one to live somewhere without making it feel like home.


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