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Ajedrez is tough, sexy, and contradictory; she is ruthless and charming, bitchy and wide-eyed with innocence, impulsive with a cold and calculating mind. Ajedrez is both honest and corrupt, cynical and passionate. Ajedrez has a bright, impish smile, a quick trigger-finger and a hot-headed pride. Ajedrez prays in front of an altar in her bedroom and watches football whenever she can. Ajedrez wears her hair up and her jeans tight and she always carries a knife. Ajedrez has utterly no qualms in killing people, or at least causing grievous bodily harm. According to some, Ajedrez is a traitorous bitch...

what kind of cartel would have you running its operation?

I’m his daughter

She would disagree.

Ajedrez (a-khe-dres) is a leggy and highly attractive young Mexican woman from the year 2003. Standing at 5’6, her figure would be voluptuous if she didn’t keep herself fit, and she has a distinctive mole on her left cheek. Her brown hair is thick, nearly curly, and falls to below her shoulders when out, and her eyes are a rich, dark brown. She will also never wear anything the shows off her lower torso – a few too many gunshot scars, and a rather nasty burn on her stomach. Below the small of her back is a tattoo of the letters LQ, and on her left shoulder-blade there is a tattoo of an Aztec-style monkey. Her voice isn’t soft, exactly, but it is quiet and rich and very pleasant to listen to. Ajedrez is also an agent of the AFN, and as a fed in Mexico she is trained to watch people as well as fight them, and she can be said to suffer from professional curiosity.

Ajedrez is coming into Milliways just before her canon death, and thus has two guns and at least one knife – unless otherwise specified, please assume that she is wearing at least one gun in a hip-holster at all times. She isn’t telling about the knife. When she speaks English, her Mexican accent is there but not overwhelming; Ajedrez is bilingual in English and Spanish, and can get by in the pre-Hispanic language of Náhuatl – the mun, however, knows only English and will be using an online translation site for the Spanish.

Incidentally, for the sake of the game her real name is Beatriz Barillo Trejo. Sometimes she even uses it.

Ajedrez is from Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and is the property of Robert Rodriguez. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. The icons are of Eva Mendes, who belongs to herself.

The base image used as the banner comes from the exceedingly good fansite, Eva Mendez: A Kiss From a Rose. Most of the icon sources also from there.
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