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Management of three clubs, six guys – all muscling against Random’s club. Same time, alliance? Let say yes. One club run by brothers-in-law, other two unrelated. Brother-in-laws and one of the others pushing, the other just following along (although no real less pressure because of it). Meeting at one of their houses/lofts (the brothers-in-law, Moffatt and his second). Have bodyguards more likely, what to do with them? Scuffle, subdue? Maybe waiting outside, gentlemen’s agreement. Maybe not there if just four gathering – friends?

Armon Cherusci and Savin Verney = the brothers-in-law

Moffatt – the cool, calculating one metaphorically in bed with the b-i-l – AJ kills? Before or during? Before, wait til all have gathered, start to talk, they scoff, bring out corpse with a pretty smile from AJ. Would have bodyguards, AJ and Alex kill/subdue them?

During, have the shock of sudden blood as opposed to mere beating up. Violent death, machete in stomach, rip up (have to depose of body later. Hack up and throw into river? IS THERE A RIVER? Burn down loft – doesn’t hide evidence, but gets rid of the killing mark. Also, burns up notes and files and such)

When roughing up others, avoid face and hands – noticeable.

Gather the other two during day, maybe one (Cleon Ostin, perhaps?) with girlfriend – threaten her (with Alex), get him to come along quietly. Other, force required, then drag them along to meeting with the other four. Crash it…how? Arrive before meeting, Moffatt’s loft. As the other three come in, tie them up and then start.


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